Tourism in Bhuvanagiri

Though a small city, Bhuvanagiri attracts tourists all round the year by virtue of being the birthplace of the renowned Guru Sri Raghavendra Swami and nearby tourist attractions. Since it is located near important tourist attractions of Tamil Nadu, it also serves as an important tourist base for people visiting this part of Tamil Nadu. People from all the religions whether a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian, all live in peace in unity and harmony in this Panchayat Town.

Religious Places in Bhuvanagiri

Temples in Bhuvanagiri

Bhuvanagiri is known for Sri Raghavendra Temple, which is the birth place of Sri Raghavendra, a famous Guru of Tamil people. The Anjaneyar Temple, which is located nearby is a must visit, as it was said to be the place where Swami Raghavendra took his daily bath in the morning. Coming to the other temples situated nearby Bhuvangiri are Chidambaram Temple in Chidambaram, Padaleeswara Temple in Cuddalore which is dedicated to the Lord Shiva and is a marvelous example of art and architecture are a must visit. Thilai Kali Temple located on the outskirts of the Cuddalore District is also a must see temple an important tourist attraction.

Some other tourist places near Bhuvanagiri

Beaches near Bhuvanagiri

  • Devanampattinam Beach - Located at a distance of around 46 km from Bhuvanagiri, it is known as the Silver Beach and is one of the largest beaches of Asia. Also, there are many water sports available for tourists to have some thrilling adventures.

  • Fort St David - It is situated near the Devanampattinam Beach and is known for the summer festivals organized for tourists, yearly during April or May. It is also a part of the three important forts of the British Empire before Independence.

  • Pichavaram - Pichavaram Mangrove Forest is situated around 20 km from Bhuvanagiri and is a popular attraction among tourists. In addition, this beautiful mangrove forest has a number of islands in it and thus makes it a special visit for adventurers.

  • Satyagnana Sabha - Also known as the ‘Temple of wisdom’ among the visitors, this was constructed by the Saivite Saint Ramalinga Swamigal and is situated in Vadalur (24.8km from Bhuvangiri).
Other than the above mentioned tourist attractions, tourists and artisans come to the city in search of the Silk Saris or the Bhuvanagiri Pattu and Silk Textiles, whether to see the fabulous art created on them or to get some inspiration from them.

Hotels around Bhuvanagiri

Since, Bhuvanagiri is a small town; there aren’t many hotels in this city. But there are several hotels in the nearby city of Chidambaram where one can stay on a visit to Bhuvanagiri.

Hotels around Bhuvanagiri

Hotel Grand Palace
No.12 Railway Feeder Road,
Near Railway station, Chidambaram
Phone: + 91- 4144-239339 / 239777
Tariff Rs.999 onwards

R.K Residency
No.30 Venugopal Pillai Street,
East Car Street, Chidambaram
Phone: +91 9442636194
Tariff Rs.600 onwards

R.K. Tower
20-A, V O C Street, Chidambaram
Phone: +91 9488370859
Tariff Rs.380 onwards

Thus, these are the nearest hotels to the city of Bhuvanagiri and are available on the affordable prices with quality facilties.

Transportation in Bhuvanagiri

The panchayat city of Bhuvanagiri is located in the Cuddalore district near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. Since, it is a part of a small district; it is not much connected to all the means of transport. Thus, we are giving you the details related to all the nearest available transports required to reach Bhuvanagiri.

Road and Air Transports in Bhuvanagiri

Some of the important road routes in Bhuvanagiri are

Chennai to Bhuvanagiri
Distance- 214km
Drive Time- 4.28 hours

Chidambaram to Bhuvanagiri
Distance- 13km
Drive Time- 0.26 hours

Cuddalore to Bhuvanagiri
Distance – 45km
Drive Time- 0.9 hours

Kottakuppam to Bhuvanagiri
Distance- 70km
Drive Time- 1.4 hours

Pondicherry to Bhuvanagiri
Distance- 65km
Drive Time- 1.3 hours

Pudupattinam to Bhuvanagiri
Distance- 144km
Drive Time- 2.88 hours

There is only one nearest bus route and that is from Bangalore to Bhuvanagiri and that will take 7hrs to reach at this city.

Air Transport in Bhuvanagiri

The nearest airports to Bhuvanagiri are Neyveli Airport and Pondicherry Airport and the nearest air route that are available are quite long and the details of it are as follows:

Bangalore - Chennai-Bhuvanagiri

Fly from Bangalore to Chennai by air, then Chennai to Tambaram by taxi, then Tambaram to Chidambaram by train and at last from Chidambaram to Bhuvanagiri again by Taxi.

Bangalore - Tiruchirappalli - Bhuvanagiri

Fly from Bangalore to Tiruchirappalli by air, then Tiruchirapalli to Chidambaram by Train and from there reach Bhuvanagiri via Taxi.

Rail Transport in Bhuvanagiri

Bhuvanagiri does not have its own railway station but the closest railway stations are Chidambaram Railway Station and Kille Railway Station. Out of them, Chidambaram railway station is well linked to all cities around Tamil Nadu.

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