About Bhuvanagiri

Bhuvanagiri is a city located in the Cuddalore District in Tamil Nadu. Situated at an average elevation of 11 meters above the sea, this town is divided into Melbhuvangiri and Kelbhuvangiri and is known as the place of birth of the famous saint of the South India, Sri Raghavendra Swami. This panchayat town is well-known worldwide for its handloom products and Silk saris and Silk textiles, which are also called as Bhuvanagiri pattu in Tamil. Tourist from around the world come to visit this town in order to see the various temples, churches and mosques present here. Having a population of 21,956, in which males are 50.25% and females constitutes 49.75%, this city has an average literacy rate of 81.96%, in which male literacy rate is 90.47% and literate are 76.93%. Also it has a female sex ratio of 990 against that of state which is 996.

The word Bhuvanagiri is formed of the two Tamil words Bhuvana – means world and Giri –means mountain or the unmovable, so collectively this means the place that is unmovable. So, after the introduction of this city let us give you some details about the history of this place.

About Bhuvanagiri

History of Bhuvanagiri

Bhuvanagiri is the birthplace of the well-known Saint Sri Raghavendra Swami and thus, it is mostly visited by his die-hard devotees who come to seek the blessings of their Guru. He is also known as the Avatar of Prahlada, a famous devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was born in 1595 on this place and thus, his house is transformed into a temple in his memory. It was also said that Sri Raghavendra Swami was a prominent scholar and a skilled musician in his times and later as the philosopher of Dvaita Philosophy projected by Sri Madhavacharya. He has a large number of ardent followers who believe in his performed miracles and worship him with faith in their hearts.

Geography in Bhuvanagiri

As mentioned before, this town is situated at the height of 11 meters above the sea and is 7 km away from Chidambaram, the city of temples. Agriculture is the chief occupation of the about 75% people of this town. Along with Black gram and Green gram, Rice is foremost cultivated crop. All the crops are cultivated in a type of Land called as Nansei in Tamil. Also some minor crops are also cultivated here like, Finger millet, Pearl millet, Corn, Thoor Dal, Sesamum and Red gram. These small crops are grown on a type of Land called as Punsei in Tamil.

Tourism in Bhuvanagiri

Bhuvanagiri Tourism

The major tourist attraction of this place of this place is Sri Raghavendra Swami Temple which is the birth place of the renowned saint Sri Raghavendra Swami. The other visited places of this city are the temples like Sri Chamundeeswari Amman Temple, Thillai Kali Temple, Chidambaram Temple Pataleeswarar Temple and the other points of interest are Devapattanam Beach, Fort St. David, Pichavaram and so on.

Bhuvanagiri represents all the religious sites of India as a whole. There are many temples, mosques and churches present in this small panchayat town, representing the diversity of India. Bhuvanagiri is most importantly a tourist place for the ardent devotees of Sri Raghavendra Swami. As a birthplace of the renowned saint, this place is also a chief destination for fashion designers all around the India as it is the place where the famous silk saris known as Bhuvanagiri Pattu are made.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations of this place include:
  • Sri Raghavendra Temple
  • Pataleeswarar Temple
  • Thillai Kali Temple
  • Devapattinam Beach
  • Fort St. David 
  • Pichavaram
  • Satyagnana Sabha
So, this is the list of the most famous and frequently visited places of Bhuvanagiri. A short weekend visit to this place will give you a lot of memories and exploring the temples and the other points of interest will give you a reason to visit it again.

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